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These are examples of coverage achieved for clients in the leading national, broadcast, business and trade press. The articles cover a wide range of technology, marketing, financial and consumer trends across the internet, mobile, video, social media, TV, film, music, video games and retail industries.

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Hollywood Reporter, November 2015

Tags: technology, TV

Hollywood Reporter, April 2015

Tags: consumer, internet, retail, video

Hollywood Reporter, February 2015

Tags: financial, internet, marketing, TV

Hollywood Reporter, December 2014

Tags: internet, marketing

Hollywood Reporter, September 2014

Tags: consumer, internet, marketing, mobile, social media, technology, TV

Hollywood Reporter, June 2014

Tags: video games

Hollywood Reporter, October 2013

Tags: marketing

Hollywood Reporter, September 2013

Tags: internet, marketing, mobile, social media, TV

Hollywood Reporter, July 2013

Tags: film, internet, marketing

Hollywood Reporter, July 2013

Tags: marketing